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Drunk Driving Musings

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has written a long series of articles on drunk driving in Wisconsin. Whether you call it OWI, DUI, OUI or just drunk driving, there's no question drinking and driving is a big part of the social scene in Wisconsin. The baseball team is the Brewers, everyone knows the "beer frame" in bowling, there are brewery tours at both the major and minor breweries in Wisconsin that serve plenty of beer and "happy hours" have been a big part of the bar scene for generations. How do you think people get home from all the bars in Wisconsin?

Sex Offender Harassment

This past weekend, the Department of Corrections again began their annual Halloween harassment of sex offenders, pornography possessors and anyone else on probation for anything remotely describable as a sex offense.  The unbelievable paranoia regarding trick or treaters and sex offenders on probation results in a round up of sex offender probationers by DOC agents assisted by Milwaukee and I assume Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine and Washington County sheriffs.  It's as if sex offenders only have an opportunity to  violate their probation 1 day of the year.  If probation agents would pay as much attention to helping offenders rehabilitate themselves as they do to worrying about whether or not they have the next Jeffery Dahmer on their caseload we could all sleep a little better at night.  I actually had a probation agent admit to me this week that their ineffective and unnecessary restrictions are simply, in her words,"to cover our butts".  I'm sure there are people out there that feel sex offenders get what they deserve and they shouldn't even be on probation in the first place, but if we really want a safer community, maybe the focus could be a little more on helping rather than hindering the rehabilative process.  If you think you've got a beef about the way you're being treated on probation, let's hear it. www.reddinandsinger.com

What's This About?

I'm a lawyer in Milwaukee, recently turned on to the blogosphere. I'd like to use this blog to give people involved in the legal system in Wisconsin (or elsewhere actually), a way to exchange ideas, gripe about the system or listen to me gripe about it and maybe even to get some help with a problem in the world of crime and punishment. I'm not sure how this'll go but expect me to talk about just about anything- internet sex crimes, drunk driving, domestic violence, in short, the cops and robbers world I practice in.  If you're a defendant, a lawyer, a police officer, a court clerk or maybe (gasp) even a judge, feel free to be part of the dialog. I'll be keeping the specifics of my cases out of the conversation, of course, for reasons of confidentiality, but otherwise, no subject will be off limits.  If I feel competent to offer advice, I'll do so. I've been practicing in most counties in Wisconsin for almost 30 years, so I've been on this beat for awhile. So let's try this and see if anyone gets anything out of it. Feel free to contact me at www.reddinandsinger.com.

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