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Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You say you've been arrested in Waukesha, WI for OWI?  Or maybe you're under investigation in Washington County, WI for growing marijuana?  Or, God forbid, the Federal authorities from either the Eastern or Western Districts of Wisconsin want to talk to you?  So now you need a lawyer that does criminal defense work. What do you do?

Domestic Violence in Wisconsin

Yes, domestic violence is real.  When it happens, I'm sure it's frightening and painful.  However, as a lawyer, I see far too many instances of spouses using the system to gain an advantage in a divorce or to get an obnoxious partner out of the house for a few days.  Then, they're surprised to learn that prosecutors won't listen when they want to withdraw the charges.  A case is issued, a no contact order goes into effect and now the woman wants to know how she's supposed to pay the bills or take care of the kids without help from their partner.

Criminal Sentencings in Wisconsin

Looking at maybe going to jail in Wisconsin?  Sometimes there's no way to actually win the case and all you can do is try to minimize the damage. Why do some lawyers' clients do better than others when the judgment day rolls around? Here's some tips.

Update on Interrogation in Wisconsin

Recent cases suggest that, in serious cases, cops are still looking for ways around Arizona v. Miranda and it's progeny. The requirement in Wisconsin that questioning of suspects be recorded is exposing the tricks of investigators bent on getting a confession, even over the requests of suspects to exercise their right to remain silent or to have representation of counsel.

Are You Really Using Heroin?

I'm a lawyer. I'm 54 years old. I spent a good portion of my life in the 70s. I now do criminal defense work, helping young adults and their parents navigate the current drug scene. What I find amazing is the number of heroin cases currently finding their way into the courts in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha and other Counties in Southeastern Wisconsin. While I'm happy to help you if you have been arrested for a heroin offense or oxycodone possession offense, or any narcotic offense, I'm amazed that the word has not gotten out about the consequences and dangers of heroin use. Heroin is not marijuana, it's not ecstacy, it's not even cocaine.  If you're thinking about using heroin or any synthetic painkiller, keep in mind that the legal and personal consequences will likely be higher than you can ever imagine. If you need a lawyer, contact me at

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