Car, house set on fire: Wisconsin man accused

A car fire and small basement fire that happened late last month has resulted in a Wisconsin man being charged with a crime last week. The Waukesha man faces criminal charges of arson of property other than a building, second-degree reckless endangerment and attempted arson of a building. The man is facing felony charges, which could mean years in prison.

These serious charges will require a rigorous criminal defense. Because fires are very dangerous and arson as a cause of fires is fairly rare, accusations of arson typically end up in the media. Media exposure can harm a person's reputation even before they receive a fair trial.

Media can be quick to word their stories with the assumption that the person is guilty. Often, people accused of crimes aren't able to tell their side of the story to the media and news outlets tend to refer to police reports as accurate facts of the situation.

Police reports are descriptions of the situation as the law enforcement officer saw or perceived the situation. Therefore, people reading about a crime will likely get an edited version of how the police saw the events that unfolded.

Because police aren't likely to represent the viewpoints of the people they are accusing of a crime, it might be wise for those accused of arson or another crime to consult and experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney. They can fight for your side of the story and work to ensure your rights are preserved by making sure police reports are accurate accounts of the situation and independently investigating the situation.

Source: Living Lake Country, "Waukesha man accused of setting car, house on fire," Jim Stevens, Jan. 11, 2012

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