Man faces drug charges after Milwaukee traffic stop

A man in Milwaukee was arrested and accused of a very serious crime. He faces felony drug charges after being a passenger in a car that was pulled over and searched by Milwaukee police this week. Police say they found a needle and heroin on the man.

A news report say the vehicle was pulled over for an expired registration. Police said they felt the passenger might be armed and that's why they search him. It's unclear what caused the officer to be suspicious. The report doesn't mention if the man driving the vehicle was arrested or charge with a crime.

Sometimes when news reports discuss crimes, they only include one source. The source is often the police report about an incident. Police reports are meant to be from the point-of-view of the police officer. They often don't include view of the person who is accused of a crime or arrested.

Therefore, a solid criminal defense is often necessary when people are faced with drug crimes in Milwaukee. It is important to understand your rights if you are arrested and accused of a crime. Many times police will try to use what you say to them during your arrest against you in court. People facing drug crimes need to take the accusations against them very seriously. Felony drug charges can carry long jail sentences if a person is convicted, and often result in problems with future employability. A criminal defense attorney can help preserve your rights and reputation.

Source: Patch, "Waukesha Man Caught With Heroin in His Shoe in Milwaukee," Joe Petrie, Feb. 12, 2012

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