Suspected suicidal Milwaukee man faces drug charges

Sometimes people accused of crimes need someone to get them help and don't know how to get the resources they need. People might commit crimes when they aren't intending to hurt anyone and they are looking for help.

 A Milwaukee man is now facing felony drug charges after being found in a motel by police. The man's mother called police after she said he might be suicidal and was going to kill himself inside the motel.  Police arrested the man after they say they found him with seven morphine pills, a prescription narcotic pain medication.

He could face over three years in prison and a hefty fine if he is convicted. The woman who called police most likely didn't want he son to end up in jail, but she wanted him to get the help he needed. Now the young man is facing drug charges, which could derail his future plans because he wasn't able to get the help he needed.

The man will likely need a rigorous criminal defense to defend against the felony charges he will face in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. A criminal defense attorney can help those accused of crimes seek help that they might need, and get them resources to get back on track. They can also advise them during court proceedings and ask the court system to consider special circumstances.

It seems from news reports that this man was not trying to use drugs for recreation use and didn't intend to harm anyone or sell the drugs. If he is convicted of a drug crime, an attorney may be able to help seek a reduced sentence.

Source: Patch, "Man Arrested at Golden Key Motel with Morphine Pills," Joe Petrie, Feb. 28, 2012

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