Four people charged with 28 felonies after Milwaukee arrests

An alleged human trafficking operation has lead to the arrested of four people. These sex crime allegations are extremely serious in Milwaukee and will likely need a criminal defense. Police arrested the people after a raid on a Milwaukee house allegedly found large amounts of heroin, and two woman told police of an alleged prostitution ring they were a part of.

The women said one of the people arrested would bait them into being prostitutes by fueling their heroin addictions. These accusations are extremely serious and should not be taken lightly. It is important for everyone involved in the investigation to respect the accused people's rights.

While prostitution is a serious issue, it's also important for those accused of sex crimes in Milwaukee to have access to information that can aid in their defense. People have the right to speak with an attorney if they are accused of a crime.

In a situation as serious as a sex crime allegation, speaking with an attorney might be a wise idea. They can help an accused person understand what rights they have and how they can formulate a rigorous criminal defense.

In cases involving people who might have been harmed by another person, it is important for a defense to be sensitive while still defending the accused person's name and reputation. An experienced Milwaukee defense attorney can help those accused of a crime explore evidence that might be presented against them and inform them of how they can respond to the accusations against them.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "4 arrested in human trafficking operation," April 2, 2012, Bruce Vielmetti

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