Milwaukee court charges man with felony bail jumping, drug charges

This week, a man in southeast Wisconsin was arrested for allegedly bail jumping and delivery of a controlled substance. The man is now facing felony charges in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, where he will likely need a rigorous criminal defense. He faces a stiff penalty if convicted.

According to a news report, the man could face 21 years in prison and a $60,000 fine. The accusations against the man could harm his reputation before he has a chance to stand trial. It is important that people who are accused of any crime understand their rights before they speak with police or investigators.

Those who are accused of crimes might be wise to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney. A Milwaukee attorney experienced in criminal law can help make sure the rights of an accused person are preserved. Sometimes, investigators and police officers use illegal tactics or acquire evidence illegally, which violates the rights of the accused.

If this happens, some or all of the charges could be dropped, depending on the person's individual situation. If someone is convicted, a criminal defense attorney can help them appeal their case, and review the decision to make sure nothing was overlooked during the initial trial. They can also help ask the court for reduced sentencing.

Felony charges such as the ones this man in Milwaukee is facing, usually means they will face lengthy jail sentences if they are convicted. With a potential lengthy jail sentence, it is even more important to formulate a rigorous defense.

Source: Patch, "Man Sells Drugs to Police Informant," Joe Petrie, April 16, 2012

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