Milwaukee woman sentenced to 10 years in prison after ninth drunk driving charge

A woman was sentenced to the maximum sentence under Wisconsin state sentencing guidelines late last month. The Milwaukee woman had been convicted of her ninth drunk driving offense, and authorities say this time the woman crashed her car into another vehicle with her 11-month-old daughter in the back seat. The person she hit said they got out of the car to assist the woman, and it was apparent she was drunk.

These types of cases are sad for everyone involved. Many times people who are repeatedly convicted of a crime have a substance abuse problem that is the root of their reckless activity. People that are repeat offenders could benefit from rehabilitation services, therapy and constant monitoring. Jail or prison sentences don't help solve an addiction problem, and leave a person with little resources after time is served.

Those who have been convicted of a crime in the past might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can help the person understand their legal rights and potential options for avoiding jail or prison time and get the help that they need to prevent future convictions and problems.

People who are convicted often need help outside of their own control. They might not know who to turn to or how to handle their own situation. While sometimes these crimes affect other people, addressing the root of the problem might be the best way to prevent the recurrence of a crime, which could harm other people in the future.

Source: Patch, "Nine-Time Drunk Driver Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison," Jim Price, Nov. 29, 2012

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