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New ruling in case involving former Wisconsin medical examiner

In February, a woman who once was the Oneida County medical examiner received a one-year jail sentence for a conviction on two counts of felony misconduct in office. According to reports the woman was charged for removing bones from the bodies after she had performed autopsies; the bones were used for training her dog to find cadavers. She resigned soon after the charges were filed, and she pleaded guilty in court as part of a plea deal.

Wisconsin woman sentenced in fatal DUI crash

A circuit court judge in Chippewa County has sentenced a Cadott woman to serve five years in prison in relation to a fatal accident that took place in June 2013. The 28-year-old defendant has also been ordered to serve at least five years of supervision after the completion of her prison term. At her trial, the woman is said to have apologized for the incident.

Judge sets bail at $300,000 in Wisconsin homicide

On April 3, a 33-year-old man was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his 43-year-old ex-girlfriend in Manzomanie. The accused has been held on unrelated charges since Feb. 24. The prosecutor requested a $1 million bond, because the man is from Massachusetts, and he travels for work. However, the judge set bail at $300,000 for the criminal charges.

Wisconsin teenager faces drug charges

March 8 was an early release day for students who attend Port Washington High School. A number of students joined together and allegedly bought marijuana from a 17-year-old friend. After the reported purchase, they drove out to a rural area and smoked some of the weed.

Milwaukee man faces charges for shooting

A Milwaukee man who faces charges for a Feb. 28 shooting was scheduled for sentencing on March 12. The man was levied with criminal charges for firing an assault-style rifle on a group of 10 people near the intersection of 29th Street and Atkinson Avenue. A man and a woman in the group were injured.

State considers tougher criminal penalties for drunk driving

Wisconsin is considering strengthening its drunk driving laws but residents will have to wait until the state Senate is back in session next year. The Senate received three different bills from the Assembly. The pieces of OWI legislation would require court appearance for first-time offenders and beef up the state's interlock ignition rules on cars. The bills would also make a second OWI offense a misdemeanor and a fourth offense would be a felony charge.

Arrests made in Milwaukee club promoter's death

One individual has been charged and two others arrested for their alleged part in the beating death of a Milwaukee club promoter. According to prosecutors, the victim was bludgeoned to death with a hammer after a targeted burglary went wrong. The criminal complaint alleges the man charged with burglary and three others broke into the promoter's home looking for valuables. When the victim came home, prosecutors claim, one of the accused, a teen, allegedly grabbed a hammer and attacked the promoter, eventually causing his death.

Drunk driving a major influence in hit-and-runs

According to a new report, fatal hit-and-run accidents increased from 2009 to 2011, the last year for which data was available. However, the number of overall traffic deaths decreased. The report also said that 60 percent of fatal hit-and-run incidents have pedestrians as victims.

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