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Wisconsin considering Good Samaritan law in drug-overdose context

Any person taking an online stroll through the Internet in pursuit of information on a drug-related "Good Samaritan" law in Wisconsin can quickly see that there has been a flurry of activity in the state over the past year and more.

Milwaukee man faces sex charges and possibly 40 years in prison

Those accused of sex crimes should understand that the criminal defense process exists to protect the rights and future of accused parties.

Two Milwaukee men arrested for alleged sex trafficking

A Milwaukee father and son were recently arrested for alleged sex trafficking. The two men face 11 federal charges that could lead to life in prison. According to police, the conspiracy began when the son introduced his girlfriend to his father. The girl was allegedly forced into work at a strip club and prostitution. Police further allege the two men tried to force a 16-year-old into prostitution, while the son is also charged with trafficking two juveniles and three women as prostitutes over several years. Investigators are buttressing their case with a letter the father wrote from prison to his son allegedly discussing how to run the enterprise.

Milwaukee man sentenced for enlisting girl as prostitute

A Milwaukee man was sentenced earlier this week for a conviction of soliciting and enticing a child for prostitution and one other charge. He will have to serve eight years in prison as well as six years of extended supervision. The man was convicted by a jury for reportedly enlisting a 16-year-old girl from Wisconsin to work as a prostitute.

MSO director arrested for sex crime in Milwaukee

When someone is in a very public position in their career, any arrest can come with unwanted publicity. If an arrest involves an alleged sex crime, they might face increased scrutiny. According to a report, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office conducted a sting operation at a local part, leading to the arrest of a man who happens to be the Chorus Director for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

Sex crimes may require registration, restrictions on Halloween

When a person in Milwaukee is arrested for a sex crime, they might not realize that a conviction of a crime that is considered sexual may result in the person needing to register as a sexual offender. This means they might not be allowed to live in certain areas of their community, and the community may be notified of their activities.

Despite reliability issues, bite marks evidence in many cases

When someone is accused of a serious crime, they could face years in prison if they are convicted. Years in prison can harm a person's reputation and make it difficult for them to find gainful employment and reintegrate into their community. This is especially detrimental to a person's emotional wellbeing when they are wrongfully convicted, which is why it is so important that evidence presented in a case is reliable.

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