Child Pornography

Internet watchdogs are scouring the Internet for law-abiding citizens who may succumb to temptation. Internet sting operations are being conducted with such frequency that countless people are suddenly facing criminal charges and the severe criminal penalties that come with them. When the stakes are so high as to involve prison time, permanent reputation damage, sex offender registration, and other consequences, you need an aggressive and experienced sex crimes defense attorney on your side.

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At Reddin & Singer, LLP, we offer experienced criminal defense representation to clients facing serious Internet sex crime charges, including all charges related to the possession or distribution of child porn, including:

Child Pornography Defense

The amount of evidence that is usually involved in child pornography cases is overwhelming. Every website you have visited, every download you have performed, every e-mail you have sent or received and opened: Everything you do on your computer leaves a record — even if you thought it was deleted or you never even realized it was there. The police will tell you that the best defense to child pornography charges is to plead guilty and hope for a light sentence.

However, when facing serious Internet sex crime charges, it is important to hire a Milwaukee child pornography lawyer who will not give in so easily. It is important to investigate the case and analyze all potential defense strategies. Did someone else have access to the computer? Were the pictures depicting someone who could have been believed to be over 18? Do the pictures depict an actual person or are they computer-generated? Were the pictures downloaded through an e-mail virus or other form of hacking?

When You Are Arrested, You Need a Child Sex Crimes Lawyer on Your Side

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