Terese J. Singer

Client Stories

  1. When Tom came to us several years ago, he was in a major jam. He'd discovered his wife in bed with another man and the ensuing chaos resulted in charges being filed against him for battery and disorderly conduct. As a young professional, his fledgling career was on the line and he was concerned for the welfare of his young son. His wife, in addition to her infidelity, had a history of alcoholism and child neglect. We ultimately were able to get the criminal charges dismissed and obtain primary placement of the child with Tom. When Tom needed to move out of state for professional reasons, again there was litigation that resulted in Tom being able to take his child with him to another state.

    Recently, we received a letter form Tom. He's remarried, sadly the mother never sees her son, but, happily, his new wife wants to adopt him. He also advises his now teenage son is doing well and has received several college scholarship offers. He wrote, " I remain so grateful for the part you played in keeping him safe and healthy. I am not sure I can ever express my gratitude to you".

  2. Antonio called Reddin and Singer with a combined criminal and family law problem. His wife wanted a divorce and was also accusing him of molesting their two young daughters. The accusation was so disturbing that the Juvenile Court at first prohibited him from having any contact with his children. Further, the police were in the process of referring him in to the Prosecutor's Office for criminal charges.

    Ultimately, after literally years of litigation in both Juvenile Court and Divorce Court, his visitation privileges were restored, the Juvenile Court matter was dismissed and the District Attorney was persuaded not to issue criminal charges. Our investigation and that of the Guardian ad Litem revealed that the mother falsely accused Antonio of child sexual assault in an attempt to obtain sole custody of the children. The divorce went forward and Antonio received a favorable placement decision. He continues to be a big part of his daughters' lives to this day.

  3. Our client was married in his country of origin outside the United States. His wife filed for divorce locally after they had moved to Wisconsin and demanded one half of all his assets, including substantial assets he had accumulated prior to their marriage. She also demanded maintenance, despite a relatively short marriage. Our client was a professional with a substantial income.

    At trial, we were able to demonstrate that the wife was untruthful about a number of issues, her lawyer had inaccurately valued some stock options that were a part of our client's income and her "plan" to sit home and live off her husband's assets and income was rejected by the court. The judge awarded no maintenance, she received no portion of his pre-marital assets and the court suggested it was time for her to obtain employment. Our client was delighted with the result.

  4. Sometimes the collateral consequences of a conviction is more damaging than the consequences in court. When Sharon came to see us, she had just been arrested for drunk driving. It was a first offense and the breath test result was quite low, though still over the legal limit. As a first offense, in Wisconsin the matter would typically result in a fine and a short loss of license. However, Sharon had a bigger problem. As a college student and a member of the military reserve, a conviction for drunk driving would mean the end of her scholarship and her dream of becoming an officer with a college degree.

    After considerable negotiation, including threats of litigation and appeals, the prosecutor was persuaded to reduce the charge, saving Sharon's college plans and her career choice.

Client Reviews
Just a quick note to thank you so much for helping us through an awful time. I only hope and pray [he] learned a lesson. Thanks for your great expertise, you're a great lawyer and most of the thanks for your patience with all my phone calls. Anonymous
I want to thank you for everything that you did for my son. God put you in our path when we needed help and I will never forget the great things you did for him. Everything has changed for the better. God with myself will repay you blessings for you and your family. Again, thank you so much for your help. Anonymous
Thank you - The support you provided for myself and my family is appreciated. You were able to put stressful circumstances into perspective, lessening anxiety, and assisting with maintaining strength during an ordeal structured to weaken my family unit. Thank you for your professionalism and relaxed approach-your positive energy has not gone unnoticed. Anonymous