Crack Cocaine Penalty Modifications

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The attorneys at Reddin & Singer, LLP, understand the inequalities related to crack cocaine sentences. For years, these crimes have had historically longer prison sentences as compared to other drug crimes, especially those for powder cocaine. Now, because of recent changes to federal sentencing guidelines, future crack cocaine crimes will be more in line with, but not equal to, the sentences for powder cocaine.

If your family member is one of the nearly 12,000 federal inmates currently serving a prison sentence for a crack cocaine-related crime, it may be possible to shorten their prison sentence. It is up to each eligible inmate to ask the federal court to reduce his or her sentence and retroactively apply the new law.

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On average, eligible inmates could have their sentences reduced by just over three years (37 months). For more details on the new sentencing guidelines, read our article: "Sentencing Commission Votes to Apply New Guidelines Retroactively."

Just because the law changed, the request for a shorter sentence is not something that a judge will automatically grant. Judges must consider each case individually and look at an inmate's risk to public safety when deciding whether to shorten his or her sentence.

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