Divorce and Real Estate

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There are many issues to decide during a divorce: custody, visitation and the division of property. For those assets like retirement accounts or portfolios, the valuation can be relatively easy to determine and splitting the money can be straightforward. In those cases where real estate that is underwater is involved, finding a creative solution requires a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

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Contact our Milwaukee divorce lawyers to learn more about how we find intelligent, reasonable resolutions to marital property disputes. We seek solutions that avoid costly and emotional litigation, whenever possible, but we are ready to represent your interests at trial should the need arise.

Waukesha Real Estate Lawyer

We treat every situation as unique. Our experience includes cases where couples need to divide real estate that has more debt pledged against it than what it is worth. Potential solutions may involve:

  • Selling the property and dividing the loss equally between the parties
  • Retaining joint ownership of the property as tenants in common
  • Agreeing to hold the property until market conditions improve
  • Renting the property to generate income

The harsh reality of these situations is that too often there is no good or easy solution. Our experienced attorneys know that if there is a way for a couple to find a solution themselves though the use of mediation, the result may be one that causes the least amount of harm.

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At Reddin & Singer, LLP, our attorneys are ready to meet with you for a free consultation about how your underwater real estate can impact your divorce.

We help people create marital property settlements that best suit their family's needs. Contact our property division law firm to schedule a free consultation.