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Domestic Violence

Have You Been Charged with Domestic Violence?

Facing family violence charges can be disruptive to your personal and family relationships. If you have been charged with a domestic violence related offense, the legal decisions you make can affect your family, your reputation and your future.

Our family violence lawyers have extensive trial experience, appearing in courts throughout Wisconsin on all types of domestic violence charges. Contact a Milwaukee Wisconsin family violence lawyer for a free initial evaluation of your case.

FREE Domestic Violence case Evaluations

Our domestic violence attorneys advocate vigorously to obtain the best results in your case. You can count on our domestic violence lawyers to work closely with you on your domestic violence case from beginning to end. We are committed to serving you and understand the personal toll that family violence charges can take on an individual. Contact a domestic violence attorney today for a free evaluation of your case.

Domestic violence cases can be successfully defended. Our clients are frequently surprised to learn that a motion hearing or a trial can result in a dismissal or reduction in the seriousness of their charges.

Our attorneys represent clients in the following related practice areas:

  • Domestic Abuse Charges: Our domestic violence defense attorneys are experienced at representing individuals charged with domestic abuse. We will explain to you how domestic abuse charges can be successfully defended through the use of self-defense, consent or other legal defenses.
  • Criminal Damage to Property: When faced with charges of criminal damage to property, an experienced defense attorney skilled in the practice of criminal damage to property law can make a difference. To prove a charge of criminal damage to property, the state must show that the conduct was intentional and not just an accident.
  • Restraining Orders: Even if you are not charged with a crime, you may have been served with a notice telling you that a restraining order is being requested. If a restraining order is granted, the court will order you to get rid of any firearms you have in your possession, and can order you to leave your own home.
Personal Service - Prompt Responses

Our domestic violence defense attorneys provide individual attention and are available to speak with clients directly. Clients can expect personalized service and a prompt response to questions about the progress of their case. Our domestic violence attorneys want to help you get the best result in your case so you can get beyond the charges and back to enjoying life. For a free initial consultation, contact Reddin & Singer, LLP to speak directly with a domestic violence attorney.

Client Reviews
Just a quick note to thank you so much for helping us through an awful time. I only hope and pray [he] learned a lesson. Thanks for your great expertise, you're a great lawyer and most of the thanks for your patience with all my phone calls. Anonymous
I want to thank you for everything that you did for my son. God put you in our path when we needed help and I will never forget the great things you did for him. Everything has changed for the better. God with myself will repay you blessings for you and your family. Again, thank you so much for your help. Anonymous
Thank you - The support you provided for myself and my family is appreciated. You were able to put stressful circumstances into perspective, lessening anxiety, and assisting with maintaining strength during an ordeal structured to weaken my family unit. Thank you for your professionalism and relaxed approach-your positive energy has not gone unnoticed. Anonymous