Federal Conspiracy Drug Charges

Milwaukee Federal Conspiracy Drug Charges Defense Lawyer

Facing federal criminal charges related to drug conspiracy can give the impression that there was a big elaborate plan with lots of moving parts. In reality, we know that the conspiracy charges usually involve a couple people talking. In order for the government to prove a conspiracy charge, they must show that two or more people agreed to a plan and that some step or action was taken to put that plan into action.

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At the law office of Reddin & Singer, LLP., we are aggressive Milwaukee federal conspiracy drug charges attorneys. We will carefully look at the evidence collected by the police and used to charge you with a crime. If we believe your rights have been violated, we will file persuasive legal motions asking a judge to throw out the "bad" evidence. As a result of the conspiracy charge, you may be facing mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines. Understanding the complicated federal sentencing laws is not an easy task. Our Milwaukee federal conspiracy drug charges attorneys have handled federal narcotics possession defense cases in the past and we know how to work within the federal system.

Narcotics Possession Defense Lawyer

We work with each client to learn all we can about the evidence used to charge him or her with a drug crime. In those cases where a confidential informant is involved, often times the informant is making a deal with the government to reduce charges they may be facing. This is an opportunity for a defense attorney to question the confidential informants' credibility. You deserve an attorney who will zealously question every piece of evidence against you.

Regardless of the circumstances involved, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Reddin & Singer, LLP, for a free consultation. Our attorneys will stand by your side and work relentlessly to provide you with the most effective representation possible based upon the facts.

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