File Sharing of Child Pornography

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Before the Internet, most people obtained pornography by purchasing magazines stored behind a sales counter. Today, many people store their photo collection on their personal computer. It has also become common for people to share these files with other people online.

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We understand that people make mistakes and that you are facing judgment from enough people. You can feel confident that you will be treated with respect from the beginning. Our job is not to judge you. Our job is to work with you on your case and to uncover what legal defenses you have against child pornography file sharing charges.

How File Sharing Typically Works

In a typical file sharing arrangement you might offer someone the opportunity to look at your collection and, in exchange, you have the chance to look at his or her files. It is becoming increasingly common for federal law enforcement agents to involve themselves in online file exchanges.

Once the authorities have become part of a file sharing exchange, it is all too easy for investigators to obtain the information they need to determine your location, obtain a warrant and search your entire computer. Even if you believed the images were adults, you may soon be faced with serious criminal sex charges related to the distribution of child pornography.

While every situation is unique, in child pornography file sharing cases some of the defense strategies we may look at include:

  • Investigating whether law enforcement obtained the proper search and seizure warrants
  • Working with pediatric experts to determine actual ages of the individuals shown in the files
  • Collaborating with network experts and Internet specialists to find out if your computer was hacked or if some other computer was used for the distribution

The practical implication of file sharing means that the penalties for distributing child pornography are much tougher than simply possessing the images. Convictions for the distribution of child pornography will usually include mandatory jail time and five year minimum penalties.

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