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At Reddin & Singer, we have been assisting individuals throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding region for over 27 years. We are proud of providing dedicated representation on all issues regarding family law and divorce, while ensuring that our clients receive the personalized attention that they deserve. Maintaining strong personal and professional ties to Wisconsin, we have a firm commitment to our region and the people who live here.

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Recognizing that family law matters can be emotionally fraught and contentious, Terese J. Singer is committed to providing her clients with compassionate but tenacious counsel. This approach has earned her significant acclaim among Milwaukee’s family law attorneys. She has been designated a Master of the Bench in the Matrimonial Inn of Courts, a highly regarded and exclusive society for accomplished divorce lawyers in the area. She has honed her skills in representing clients throughout all aspects of the marriage dissolution process, including property division, child custody, child support orders, and alimony arrangements.

Child custody is often one of the most contested issues during a divorce. A court's evaluation of a custody arrangement is based on the best interests of the child, but this can take many factors into account. For example, a court may consider whether either parent has a history of substance abuse or domestic violence, whether the child has any special health issues, which arrangement would favor a child's stability and existing relationships with other family members, and which arrangement would suit a child's educational needs. Child custody is comprised of physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is the timesharing arrangement that governs when each parent lives with the child, while legal custody governs who has the authority to determine the child's education, religious affiliation, health care, and other key aspects of their physical and emotional well-being.

Sometimes it may be necessary to change an agreement on the support or custody of a child after it has been established in court. A former spouse can petition to modify this order if he or she can show a substantial change in circumstances. In the case of child custody, it also will be necessary to persuade a judge that the modification is in the best interests of the child. Significant changes in circumstances that may justify an alteration in support include job loss, the onset of a disability, or involvement with the criminal justice system. These factors may not be sufficient to change a custody arrangement, however. A modification of a custody order often happens when a parent makes a distant move, since the other parent might have less opportunity to maintain his or her relationship with the child. The court must weigh whether the move is reasonable and consider its likely impact on the non-moving parent’s role in the child’s life as well as any alternatives that may be available.

Although family law matters may become adversarial when two parties do not agree, there are many resources to help you avoid a lengthy battle in the courtroom. With their assistance, you can engage in more amicable negotiation efforts or use programs like the Milwaukee Family Court Mediation Services. This allows spouses or ex-spouses to meet with a neutral third party, a mediator, to work out a mutually acceptable solution to ongoing disputes rather than enduring repeated confrontations in a courtroom. Programs such as these are typically available only by court order, and an experienced family lawyer like Terese J. Singer can help you determine what mediation options are available and how to pursue them.

Advising Milwaukee Residents Facing a Divorce

At Reddin & Singer, we understand the significant investment in time, energy, and financial resources that go into hiring an attorney. Each client we represent deserves thoughtful legal advice, full and honest communication about his or her needs, and a dedicated advocate for his or her interests. This is why we focus our practice on individuals in the community where we live and strive to pursue their goals and protect their rights as best we can. Our family law attorney looks forward to helping you with your legal concerns in the Milwaukee area. To schedule an appointment with us, contact us at (414) 271-6400 or through our online form.

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Just a quick note to thank you so much for helping us through an awful time. I only hope and pray [he] learned a lesson. Thanks for your great expertise, you're a great lawyer and most of the thanks for your patience with all my phone calls. Anonymous
I want to thank you for everything that you did for my son. God put you in our path when we needed help and I will never forget the great things you did for him. Everything has changed for the better. God with myself will repay you blessings for you and your family. Again, thank you so much for your help. Anonymous
Thank you - The support you provided for myself and my family is appreciated. You were able to put stressful circumstances into perspective, lessening anxiety, and assisting with maintaining strength during an ordeal structured to weaken my family unit. Thank you for your professionalism and relaxed approach-your positive energy has not gone unnoticed. Anonymous