High-Asset Divorce

Milwaukee High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never an easy process. Resolving issues related to child custody, visitation and deciding how to divide your retirement and other assets is stressful. In those cases where there is substantial wealth and complex financials to consider, it is even more important that you have professional and experienced legal advice.

At Reddin & Singer, LLP, we have over 30 years of combined legal experience to help you resolve the issues surrounding your divorce. We will help you get through the process as quickly as possible so that you may begin to rebuild your new life. We are ready to protect your interests and go to work for you.

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Concerned About Your Bank Accounts During a Divorce? Waukesha Attorney Can Help

Thousands of clients have benefited from our aggressive yet compassionate approach. Complex, high-end divorces involve special issues not found in other marriage dissolution situations, such as:

  • Professional practices
  • Separate / community property
  • Tracing
  • Hidden marital assets and debt
  • Stock options and trusts
  • Future pension and 401(k) valuations

In complex divorce cases, determining the correct values for your property and assets is an essential starting point for settlement negotiations. In those cases where assets may be hidden or where values are uncertain, we work with forensic accountants and other financial professionals to ensure your interests are protected.

Importance of Proper Business Valuation

If you or your spouse owns a business in full or in part, your asset division settlement in a Wisconsin divorce will need to account for the value of your business assets.

No matter what type of business, professional or investment assets you have, as you approach divorce you will need to have a dollar value placed on them. Our attorneys will work with financial experts to determine values for all types of businesses, including:

  • Small business
  • Closely-held family business
  • Professional practice: doctor, dentist, CPA
  • A business employing 10 to 20 workers
  • Home-based business
  • Retail store or restaurant

Business valuation professionals with knowledge of the particular industry, as well as an understanding of the economic forces in the marketplace, will assist our attorneys in gathering the information needed to determine valuation. Physical assets, including stock, equipment and vehicles; goodwill assets, inventory, accounts payable and debts will all be taken into account.

The business valuation attorneys at Reddin & Singer, LLP, are prepared to advise and represent you. Contact our law firm to schedule your consultation today.