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If you or a loved one is facing charges for a homicide crime, it can be a very emotional and challenging time. You may be reeling from the death that occurred and deeply concerned about the legal actions being taken against you. At Reddin & Singer, we understand how overwhelming the prospect of facing prosecution can be. We are here to provide you with the legal guidance and sound representation that you need inside and outside the courtroom. William J. Reddin has over 30 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer helping Milwaukee citizens understand their rights and options.

Homicide Charges Carry Serious Penalties

Under Wisconsin law, homicide can consist of either the intentional or the negligent or reckless killing of another human being. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, the state provides for several different types of charges.

The most significant is first-degree intentional homicide. This crime occurs when an individual acts in a deliberate and premeditated manner with the intent to cause the death of someone else. Wisconsin law specifically provides that this offense also applies to violent acts intended to cause the death of an unborn child or a woman who is currently pregnant. First-degree homicide is charged as a Class A felony and can result in a sentence of life imprisonment.

When an individual has certain defenses to the crime of first-degree intentional homicide, however, or other mitigating factors are present, the statute allows for a lesser charge of second-degree intentional homicide. In some situations when a person’s life is taken, the defendant may allege that he or she was acting in self-defense or caused a death because he or she was in the heat of passion at the time. This can result in a lesser sentence of up to 60 years in prison.

The crime of homicide can also include situations when a defendant did not intend to kill another individual but acted negligently in causing that person’s death. Negligence occurs when someone fails to act with reasonable care and exposes others to a foreseeable, needless risk of harm as a result. For instance, negligent homicide may occur when a defendant does not properly operate a piece of machinery, which kills another person.

Finally, Wisconsin law also provides for the special crime of vehicular homicide when a death occurs while an individual is operating a vehicle. This type of crime often occurs in conjunction with a prosecution of a driver for a DUI offense.

Fight the Prosecution with a Skilled Milwaukee Lawyer

Since many defenses are available to people charged with a type of homicide, determining the right strategy to take can be a complicated and critical task. At Reddin & Singer, our felony attorneys relieve you of that burden by providing Milwaukee defendants with comprehensive legal representation. We can explore the details of what happened during the period that the alleged crime occurred and craft a strategy tailored to your specific situation. As a former public defender, William J. Reddin understands the complexities of homicide law in Wisconsin and has extensive experience helping clients assess their charges and any defenses that may be available. For more information or to set up an initial consultation, contact us online or at (414) 271-6400.