Internet Sex Crimes

Child Pornography Defense Attorney

In recent years, federal and state law enforcement agencies are creating new ways to entrap law-abiding people into committing sex crimes while using the Internet in the privacy of their own homes. Unfortunately, many people are charged with Internet sex crimes without even being aware of what they are doing wrong. In some cases, police set up chat room sting operations, in the hopes that an Internet user will try to solicit a minor. In other cases, Internet watchdogs trace downloads of child porn to specific computers, without the user being aware that illegal photos are included in the download.

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If you have been charged with an Internet sex crime for child pornography, solicitation or any other reason, let us help protect your First Amendment rights. We are the criminal defense attorneys of Reddin & Singer, LLP, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more than 33 years we have been achieving extraordinary results, sometimes against overwhelming odds. Our criminal defense attorneys know that your charges probably caught you by surprise and you don't know where to turn for help. We have helped hundreds of people fight for their rights and freedom after being charged with an Internet sex crime in Wisconsin. Many of the people we have represented are good, solid citizens and hardworking family people who got caught by an unconstitutional sting operation or simply made a mistake. Let us fight for your rights throughout the entire ordeal that lies ahead of you.

Child pornography ▪ Solicitation ▪ Prostitution ▪ Lewd and lascivious conductPenalties for a conviction for an Internet Sex Crime are serious

A conviction for a felony Internet sex crime can lead to having your name placed on a state and national sex offender registry. Your name can stay on the list for decades or permanently. Contact us for a free consultation about your charges and how we can help. We won't judge you for the charges against you. We will go to work protecting your future immediately.