Internet Solicitation of Minors

Defense Against Charges of Internet Solicitation of a Minor

Internet chat rooms and social networking sites are filled with undercover officers posing as minors. They set the bait and before you know it, you've been roped into a conversation you never intended on having and, perhaps, are embarrassed to admit ever occurred. You are suddenly arrested and are looking at a grim future. Although many people feel their best option at this point is to cooperate with the police, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure your rights are fully preserved.

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Our Wisconsin sex crime defense attorneys provide smart, relentless defense representation to clients facing charges involving the online solicitation of a minor. You can face sex crime charges involving online solicitation of a minor after using various forms of electronic media to solicit a minor for sex, including:

  • E-mails
  • Texting ("Sexting")
  • Instant messaging
  • Chat room conversations
  • Private Facebook comments
  • Other forms of electronic communication

At the law office of Reddin & Singer, LLP, we recognize that everyone makes mistakes. We recognize that you are probably being judged by everyone you know and don't know. You don't need it from our attorneys and staff. We treat you with respect, listen to your side of the story, and go to work examining the evidence and looking for possible defense strategies.

Did someone else have access to the electronic media? Was the Internet sting operation constitutional? Is there an issue of entrapment?

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Regardless of the circumstances involved, you can count on the criminal defense attorneys of Reddin & Singer, LLP to stand by your side and work relentlessly to provide you with the most effective representation possible based upon the facts.

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