Marijuana and Drug Crimes in Washington County

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A drug crime conviction can send you to jail, cost you money and give you a criminal record. The penalties you face if convicted will depend on many factors: the amount of drugs you had in your possession, the type of drug and drug crime, the court you are charged in, and your defense attorney's skill.

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Defense Against Marijuana Possession and Manufacture

Even though the penalties for marijuana possession have decreased over time, they are still serious. In Wisconsin, a first marijuana possession offense is a misdemeanor that can lead to six months in jail and $ 1000 in fines — no matter what the amount. A subsequent offense is a felony that can lead to three and one-half years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Manufacture of marijuana/operating marijuana grow houses is considered a felony and, depending on the amount, can lead to 15 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. There are also penalties for possessing and selling marijuana paraphernalia.

You have other options. In many cases, the prosecution will agree to alternative/diversion sentencing and conditional release. This program is especially helpful for first-time offenders who can prevent a criminal record by completing probation. Our Washington County drug crimes attorneys are well-respected in Wisconsin's criminal courts and well-known by prosecutors throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

We have the knowledge and years of experience to work toward the best possible result in your case.

Federal Drug Crimes

We are also experienced federal drug crime attorneys who can defend clients in the Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin. We have handled multiple complex federal drug cases involving serious drug charges such as trafficking of controlled substances and drug conspiracy or smuggling.

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