Multiple DUI/OWI Offenses

Drunk driving charges are serious, regardless of the offense you are facing. However, in Wisconsin, there is a big difference in what is at stake between first offense DUI/OWI and second offense DUI/OWI. While first offense drunk driving matters are handled in civil court, second offense and multiple DUI/OWI offenses are handled in criminal court. You are facing criminal charges and potentially serious criminal consequences.

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Arrested for Repeat OWI/DUI Offenses in Wisconsin?

At Reddin & Singer, LLP, we go to work fighting for your rights and future. When you are arrested for drunk driving for the first time, the worst that can happen is you could be fined in a civil court procedure and your license may be temporarily suspended (up to nine months with immediate eligibility for an occupational license) — with no possibility for jail, probation, or a criminal record. However, when you are arrested for a multiple/repeat DUI/OWI offense, you could be facing serious criminal penalties:

  • Second offense OWI: Fine up to $1,100; jail term of five days to six months
  • Third offense OWI: Fine up to $2,000; jail term of 45 days to one year
  • Fourth offense OWI (felony OWI): Fine up to $10,000; jail term of six months to six years

Multiple OWI/DUI offenses can also result in more significant license suspension. While first offense OWI can result in six to nine months' license suspension, there is a possibility to obtain an occupational license immediately. Not only do repeat offenders face longer terms of suspension (ranging from 12 months to three years, depending on the offense), they must wait longer for the possibility to obtain an occupational license.

Changes in Wisconsin Drunk Driving Laws

In most contexts, 2010 changes in Wisconsin OWI laws involve harsher penalties: Effective July 1, 2010, fourth offense OWI/DUI is a felony offense; second offense OWI/DUI (and subsequent multiple offense OWI/DUI) penalties now include mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device; and anyone required to install an ignition interlock system will be subject to a reduced legal limit of .02 percent BAC. However, additional changes in Wisconsin OWI/DUI laws enable individuals arrested for second offense OWI to obtain probation as an alternative to a jail sentence — where previously, probation was not available for most DUI/OWI defendants.

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