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In Wisconsin, eligible persons may file a lawsuit seeking to force another person to take a DNA test to prove paternity of a child. Under the current law, persons eligible to file a cause of action to force DNA testing include:

  • The child
  • The child's birth mother
  • A man presumed to be the child's father, if certain provisions are met
  • A man alleged or alleging himself to be the child's father
  • The personal representative of a deceased person who was alleged to be the father
  • A person possessing legal or physical custody of a child
  • A guardian ad litem appointed for the child, when certain statutory provisions have been met
  • A person who has assumed financial liability for the maintenance of a child, when certain statutory provisions have been met
  • A person who has filed a declaration of paternal interest of the child, when certain statutory provisions have been met
  • The state of Wisconsin, to determine paternity for child support concerns

The purpose for filing a paternity lawsuit varies, of course, according to the needs of the person filing the cause of action. In many cases, a mother will bring a paternity suit for the purposes of child support enforcement. In other cases, a man alleging himself to be the father may press for DNA testing to ensure visitation and parenting rights.

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