Sex Crimes

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Facing charges for a sex crime can be a very confusing and embarrassing experience. Since offenses like rape and sexual assault are often very subjective situations when the alleged victim’s experience was different from that of the alleged perpetrator, confusion and misunderstanding can easily arise. Similarly, with the recent rise in prosecution for Internet sex crimes like solicitation or pornography charges, sting operations by police may catch innocent individuals by mistake. At Reddin & Singer, we understand these complexities and are ready to help you fight the charges against you. Our criminal defense lawyers have represented hundreds of Milwaukee individuals facing prosecution for sex crimes.

Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Wisconsin law provides for the prosecution of a person who is alleged to have committed an act of sexual assault against someone else. In this state, the term “sexual assault” is defined to have the same meaning as “rape.” For this reason, the crime is defined as sexual contact or intercourse with a person without his or her consent and that causes great bodily harm or is completed through the threat of the use of force or a dangerous weapon. There are several degrees of sexual assault that may be charged. For instance, first degree involves the use of a dangerous weapon and is charged as a felony, while third-degree sexual assault involves intercourse without consent but without the use of violent force.

Charges of this offense can be very complicated, for it is often difficult to determine whether consent occurred. While two individuals may believe that they are engaging in consensual sex at the time, it is always possible after the fact that one party attempts to claim that the act was nonconsensual. In other situations, one party may feel that he or she is being coerced into a sexual encounter but fails to convey reluctance to the other individual. If you find that you have been charged with sexual assault for an act of contact that you believed was consensual at the time, it is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. He or she can ensure that the proper witnesses are interviewed and evidence gathered to support your version of the events that occurred.

Internet Sex Crimes

In addition to sexual assault, a rapidly growing area of prosecution is the world of Internet sex crimes. This often involves solicitation of a minor online, or possession or distribution of child pornography. Both of these acts are strictly prohibited under Wisconsin law and can lead to felony criminal charges. In an effort to combat these offenses, law enforcement have increasingly turned to sting operations on the Internet to expose possible criminals. In these operations, they may attempt to pose as a minor in an online chat room and may even initiate contact with other Internet users. They may also use computer software to track downloads from file-sharing websites where pornography is commonly distributed and identify individuals who have downloaded child pornography, even if those persons did not realize they were doing so.

In these circumstances, it is very easy for an ordinary individual to become the unwitting victim of an online sting operation. However, without proper representation to protect your rights, the consequences can be severe. In addition to significant jail time, individuals convicted of these crimes are also placed on the sex offender registry, which is a public record listing the names and whereabouts of everyone on it. This registry is accessible to any community member or employer and can have long-lasting detrimental effects on access to housing, employment, and interactions with minors, including one’s own children.

Fight Sex Crimes Charges with an Experienced Milwaukee Lawyer

At Reddin & Singer, we understand that facing prosecution for a sex offense can result in feelings of guilt and shame that make it difficult to act proactively. You may be afraid to tell your family members or friends or to reach out for legal help. Our felony attorneys deal with difficult criminal charges in the Milwaukee area on a regular basis. We understand that innocent individuals are frequently targeted for crimes they did not knowingly commit. If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex offense, we encourage you to reach out for legal advice and support as soon as possible. You can contact us at any time at (414) 271-6400 or through our online form.