The Stress of a Criminal Prosecution

By Reddin & Singer

The collateral damage that occurs when a person is the subject of a criminal prosecution is an under-estimated consequence of involvement in the criminal justice system. This subject came to mind recently when a client of the firm recently committed suicide when under investigation for a serious felony offense. While suicides are thankfully rare when people are subjected to criminal prosecution, it is not at all uncommon for clients to report anxiety, sleeplessness, excessive alcohol or drug use or other indicators of stress when being prosecuted for either a federal offense or a state law violation.

Hiring the best lawyer you can find is sometimes helpful. Clients often times comment that they feel so much better just having someone to talk to about the legal matter or that knowing that someone is on their side helps to relieve some of the anxiety associated with this stressful time in their lives. The lawyers at Reddin and Singer also frequently recommend that clients consult with a mental health professional also to assist in getting through the experience of being accused of a serious criminal matter. A good lawyer should also be able to describe the criminal process, make reasonable predictions about likely outcomes and, in general, communicate with their clients in a way that eases the stress of the uncertainty about how things work in the unfamiliar world of criminal justice. In various areas of life, it is the uncertainty of how things work or not knowing what’s going to happen next that raises people’s anxiety levels. The same is true in the legal system.

If you find yourself accused of a crime and not sure what to do next, consider hiring the best attorney you can afford. You are likely to find that your stress level will go down, you’ll think more clearly and the result you achieve in your matter will be the best solution possible under the circumstances. For a free consultation with a high quality law firm in Wisconsin, please call Reddin and Singer, LLP at (414) 271-6400 or go to our website at